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Striving for an authentically spiritual life today, is about living well, and celebrating the joys of being alive as well as the journey of discovery that we undertake when we want to understand why life is the way it is.

It's different to traditional religion. It's about  being more liberated, free, and aware.

These are the conerstones of true spirituality and divinity.

Journey through an authentically lived life

We seek the ultimate meaning of life and find our society provides few answers, because this society is only interested in teaching things that serve it, and ultimately, those in charge. 

That's not entirely surprising, if you consider that the leaders of our social structures evolved from tribal chiefs, to kings of nations, and more recently to small groups of power brokers who drive democratic, socialist, and communist societies

This means we are taught primarily work skills, and anything that supports them, or which supports greater profit. It's an unfortunate situation for anyone that hopes for more, and the disillusionment that follows, catalyses the search for meaning for those that are resilient enough to insist that an answer exists.

The many expressions of Truth are not static. If we are to have any hope of comprehending the ultimate meaning of our lives we must adapt our understanding to the Past, the Present, and the differing cultures and context of those times.  This is particulary important in ensuring we do not become stuck in static patterns of the past, as often happens in social and religious traditions. 

Knowledge and understanding from the past must always be reinterpreted for the current times. The meaning of life to an Ancient Egyptian, Roman, Aztec or Chinese will have been completely different to what it is for us in our current times. 

The core truths of humanity and divinity remain unchanged, but their expressions change with the times, so the only approach that works, is one based on authenticity. We must constantly dig into our thoughts, feelings, and motivations, and remove anything inauthentic we find. Only in this way, can we journey through an authentically lived life.


We engage a wide range of Practices to bring about a transformation in our lives 

These practices are trainings for the Heart Mind, and Body to purify the past and create a future free of that past. 

We transform ourselves from a confused and frustrated entity into a clear and positive being, through purification, understanding, and compassion.

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There are a vast range of resources on the internet and in books. We have collated those that we feel are most helpful and they are available by following the link. 

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