The Hermetic Traveller

For: Explorers, Adventurers, Navigators

In style, content, and execution, I primarily use the Hermetic approach, but you will find all of the major world mystery traditions represented as well. Buddhism (all varieties), Taoism, Hinduism,  Judaism,and a sprinkling of references to other ways. 

and many others, reach the same peak of truth as Hermeticism. All differ only in their approaches to that one peak.

In striving for an authentically spiritual life, people around the world automatically mark themselves as members of a community of like minded souls, simply through living well and with regard for those that live around them. This is less like traditional religion, and more like just living well, and celebrating being alive, which are themselves, the conerstone of true spirituality.

Over time, as the essence of life continues to move through the societies and cultures of the world, it transforms itself alongside various and changing cultural expressions. Paths to truth change in turn, so the truth can become accessible and relevant to that culture, and that time.

We in turn, must remain aware that the expression of truth is not static, and we must adapt our understanding according to the society and the times we seek to explore.

An ancient Way, Hermeticism is being rediscovered as a growing and changing Way that does not force its followers into a rigid set of beliefs or behaviours. It is ideally suited to our way of life today because it encourages an individual approach to life, that is Spiritual and Artistic, as well as Scientific. This is Core Hermeticism - a stripping back of the accretions and dogma of generations, and looking afresh at the secrets for a happy life.