The Hermetic Traveller

For: Explorers, Adventurers, Navigators

Every atom in our bodies has passed through at least three stars so we are literally made of star dust, and when we look closer, we see we are are all small manifestations of the universe just as was taught by our ancient ancestors. 

It's no surprise then that for thousands of years people have wondered about the connections between their physical, emotional and mental states and the stars and planets. 

The results are condensed in Astrology and a number of ancient mystery traditions, and they have influenced beliefs and behaviour, from spirituality, religion, and arts, to politics and every social endeavour on earth, past and present. 

The ancients understood that life moves in cycles. Sometimes this is expressed as vibrations. A spiral is a vibration and cycle in one. The cycles we see in daily life are days and nights, the monthly moon and its phases, the yearly seasons, work and rest, action and relaxatation, thoughts and feelings that come and go.

It has always been understood by the wise ones of the world, that the universe is a connected unity within which, everything cycles and transforms continously. Earth becomes plants, insects, animals, and then they return to Earth in an endless cycle. One key to understanding the essence of astrology is that, because we are one with the universe, we are also participants in every event. In an almost paradoxical way, we are the originators of every event, as well as the experiencers of that event.

It's only paradoxical however, if we limit ourselves to dualistic thinking. If we consider our bodies, we can mirror that truth because we can do something to the body but also experience it. If we are truly the universe, then the same truth follows.

Ancient Astrology was a means for helping man to reach his full potential by providing tools for self understanding through perceiving the deep relationship between things. Science has already proven that we are affected by the Moon and the stars through gravity, and all kinds of radiated energy, and we together with everything in our environment both radiate and receive energy and influences.