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What is Mastery of Moods?

During everyday life, our moods cycle up, down, and all around. One minute happy, the next miserable, fearful, or opressed. It is literally, an internal roller coaster ride that most of us try to get off. 

Moods, which we also refer to as emotions, are our Masters, but that is not our ideal state. The ideal state is achieved when we are the Master of our Moods, not the other way around.

"This too shall pass"

Emotions are a natural part of what we are, so it's not helpful to block or reject them, even if they result fron traumas. Long term supression of emotions can distort your personality, restrict your body movements, and ulimately express as disease. It's like water building up behind a wall - eventually the dam bursts, and the consequences can be dire. It's far better to drain the emotions as soon as possible, and at the fastest rate you can deal with.

The steps in the process of Mastering your Moods are:

1. Catharsis

2. Observation

3. Antidotes

4. Understanding

5. Mastery

In taking these steps, you are learning a new skill. This is a skill that is never taught in school, because it has no value to anyone other than you, and it results in a stronger clearer You. You become happier and are harder to deceive and manipulate. You find yourself becoming more assertive, and boundaries naturally fall into place.

In more detail, the steps are:


This means expressing your feelings fully. Held Anger is released through shouting and beating up solid pillows, Sadness by crying, Joy by dancing, singing and shouting. As this is a foreign and often embarrasing process, it's best to join an encounter group, and express yourself in a safe environment, surrounded by others facing the same issues as you. It comes as a pleasant surprise and a relief to discover that everyone is dealing with their own personal versions of emotional issues as you are. But it's also a worry to realise that everyone else in our society is also in some way being incapacitated and ruled by their destructive emotions. An encounter group will also help you understand a little of what is causing these moods. Catharsis is not a cure, and it's not long term. The moods will come back, and you'll have to throw them out again - hopefully not onto anyone else, as that just compounds your problems and spreads those emotions. The road rage motorist is a perfect example of uncontrolled catharsis out onto others. You need to complete all steps for a complete cure, so the next step is to become more familiar with your moods.


This is where you really learn about what moods are, how they work, and what's their proper place within your self. The Buddhists call this mindfulness, but it's simply the process of observing your emotional/feeling state as often as you can.