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The Elder Futhark

A Germanic and Norse alphabet used since about 3CE. It is referred to as FUTHARK, after the first 6 letters. Each rune was a letter in the alphabet and also stood for a word (its name). Runes were used for communication, magic, and divinatory purposes. There is a legend that says that Odin hung himself (surrendered) on the world tree (Yggdragsil tree, or the Tree of Life) to gain higher knowledge, and came away with the runes.

The esoteric rune system is composed of 24 runes, eight each at three levels. The order is magically precise. We see again this pattern of three, relating to Divinity, Spirit, and Soul; Consciousness, Existence, Bliss. Runes were used in combinations during magical workings, to gain greater precision and control over the magic being performed. Each of the three rows was known as an Aettir, or Airt.

The first row were called Freyr's eight

The second row was called Hagal's eight

The third row was called Tyr's eight

You can make your own runes by carving or marking the symbols onto wood, clay, or rock. Runes made personally, carefully and with intent, generally have greater effect. A rune reading generally uses 3 runes drawn from a bag, and placed in order, and read as "Past(Foundation), Present(Challenge), Future(Outcome)"

The Speech of the High One

I know I hung on that windy tree, swung there for nine long nights,

Wounded by my own blade, bloodied for Odin, myself an offering to myself.

Bound to the tree that no man knows where the roots of it run.

None gave me bread, none gave me drink

Down to the deepest depths I peered, until I spied the runes.

With a roaring cry I seized them up, then dizzy and fainting I fell.

Well-being I won, and wisdom too.

From a word to a word, I was led to a word,

From one deed to another.

The Edda

Rune meanings and Interpretations.

Fehu, F
The rune of Freya. It stands for nourishment, possessions, money, cattle, fulfilment and rewards received. This is a time for building up what you have as the material world is supporting you well. Remember, that as you advance along the path of self discovery, your talents and abilities become possessions as your consciousness expands. Consider sharing your good fortune with those around you understanding that in their time of good fortune they will in turn share with you.

Reversed: You are facing a shortage of money or possessions, and possibly nourishment, touch, and sensuality. At a deeper level, the nature of your life is undergoing change, and what formerly nourished you, is no longer satisfactory. Be wary of greed at this time.

Uruz, U
This rune stands for strength and health. From a wild animal called the auroch. This is a time of strength and great effort, but behind it may be the wild energy of death, decay, and then phoenix-like renewal. Something may end, but something new will arise out of the ashes of the old.

Reversed. Stagnation. You are holding on too tightly. Let go of the person or situation, and allow freedom to re-enter your life.

Thurisaz, TH
This rune is associated with pain, hostility, explosions, enthusiasm, and heralds a time of heightened awareness. Your development may be accelerating, so take extra care to avoid all sorts of accidents. Thurisaz also reminds us that you can use the mind to negate the mind, just as you can use a thorn to remove a thorn from your foot. Try not to lose yourself into this new situation, but witness it instead.

Reversed. Erratic or changeable times. Do not suffer over your suffering, but consider how to use pain and adversity for further growth. Be wary of attempting to go beyond where you have not yet begun.

Ansuz, A
Ansuz is associated with the enlightened ones, inspiration, blessings, wisdom, wind, Signals, Messengers. You are receiving messages, signals, or gifts, and are creating new connections. Pay particular attention during meetings and visits.

Reversed. There may have been failed communication or a lack of clarity in your thoughts. A message is simply not getting through properly. Meditate on your inner guide, keep a record of your dreams, and ask for help to interpret them.

Raido, R
This is the rune of travelling, questing, or communication. This rune symbolises the urge for communication between the unconscious and the conscious mind, but may manifest as a conversation between two people.

Reversed. Be particularly attentive to one to one communications. Changes or disagreements are likely. Your process may require you to move in a new direction and this is what is happening now

Kenaz, or Kano K
Kenaz represents a torch, beacon, guidance. Renewed clarity and freshness. You feel free to give or receive.

Reversed. Expect difficulty in some situation or relationship

Gebo, G
Gebo stands for gift, trade, agreement, union or partnership.

Partnership. A gift. Uniting or partnership of some form is at hand but do not collapse yourself into the union. True partnership can only be achieved by separate and hall means to retain their separateness even in uniting. He is no reversed for this signifies the gift of freedom

Wunjo, W
Wunjo is the rune of joy and happiness.

joy and light. new energy that was blocked before now is being released

experiencing surely and police and the beginning to the opening of heart which comes from being centred within will have a greater clarity about what your heart wishes to do and about watching your destiny will be

.reversed. Things are slow in coming to fruition and the birth is a long and arduous and fears arise.a difficult passage is an end so consider and deliberate carefully

Hagalaz, H
This rune stands for hail, accidents, sudden change

hail, elemental power, disruptive natural forces. a pressing need within the psyche to break free from constricting identification with material reality and to experience the world of archetypal mind. Disruption of events beyond your control. sudden events. the lightning struck tower. part of the cycle of self transformation. A radical discontinuity

Nauthiz, N
Nauthiz stands for constraint, need, distress, poverty

pain, necessity, constraint, the passage after initiation. part of the cycle of self transformation

It is currently being channelled into a narrow focus.try not to take this will personally. Work with the shadow. Expect hold-ups and delays but persevere nonetheless this is a time to focus on completing outstanding matters and for balancing the past what you wait for the time to move on.

reversed.the darkness before the dawn. Something within us is dis owned.and is creating havoc. Control your reactions and keep your faith firm

Isa, I
Isa is the rune associated with ice, blockage, standstill, slowness.

standstill, ice, impedance. there is a freeze on all useful activity and all your plans are on hold. sometimes it is necessary for things to slow down so years this time to release and clean away the old. Sacrifice the personal I and await the spring

Jera, Y
The rune jera stands for harvest, year.

harvest one year, fertile season. beneficial outcomes. This symbolises a full cycle of time before reaping and harvesting or delivering. You have prepared to the ground and planted seed. Now you must cultivate with care end of the patient something is in process at the moment and it will take time to come to fruition

Eihwaz, EI
This rune is associated with flexibility, reflections, yew tree.

defence. Alerting the minds tendency to get caught up in itself and its own games. Means gaining a new perspective and to drop the past habits. non seriousness and some sense of detachment. Magic. How to move your awareness from one state of consciousness to another. We are tested to find the power to avert blockage and defeat and develop an aversion to the conduct that creates stressful situations in our lives. Perseverance and foresight called for here. Wait in silence. Through inconvenience and discomfort growth is promised

Perth, P
Perth means fate, Destiny, fruition, outcome.

initiation, something hidden, a secret matter. the high priestess. Consider the flight of the Eagle soaring in-flight freedom entanglements lifting itself above the endless ebb and flow of ordinary life to acquire broader vision.this is a cycle rune.this may be a psychic death.a cycle rune

Reversed. A council against expecting to match or expecting in the ordinary way. The old way has come to an end

Algiz, Z
Algiz is a rune of protection or defence and represents a sacred place or sanctuary

the shadow self. Control of the animations is important here new opportunities in challenges a typical.

reversed. The thoughtful of your health. Consider all associations carefully. Do not add to your burdens or the burdens of others. The careful of people who are using you.

Sowelu, S
Sowelu is the rune associated with the sun, victory, warmth, wholeness

wholeness, life force, sun energy

the impulse to individuality and silver relaxation becoming conscious of your essence in your personal myth and bringing it into form and expressing it in a creative way. This will be an opening in yourself and letting a light into a part of your life that has been secret until now. He will need to recognise yourself. This is a time of bountiful energy. Beware that it is not you to lie in the something who is acting through you.

Tiwaz, T
Tiwaz stands for the war god Tyr, battle, striving

warrior energy, the God tiw. this is the spiritual warrior and the battle is with the South. Funding a will through action he un attached to outcomes. this is a time of striving. What are your priorities, how highly using your energy, courage, dedication. Strengthen new resolve in the struggle of the self with the Self

reversed. A danger of hasty or ill-defined action.your authenticity and your way of being in the world. Examine your motives only trying to dominate others or conquer yourself.

Berkano, B
Berkano stands for birch, birthing and rebirth, growth.

this is part of the cycle of self transformation of. growth, rebirth, Birchtree. This is concerned with the power of influencing development and with the flow of beings into the new forms. The hermit applies here in that he controls the development of new forms. Jupiter. us modestly, patients, fairness and generosity to encourage growth and blossoming.

reversed. he thinks all aspects of character at interfering with the growth of new life in new process. Carefully consider the wants and the needs of others and yourself, and gain a sense of your place in the grand scheme of things

Ehwaz, E
This rune means horse, transformational journey

movement, progress, a horse. Transit, movement, new dwelling places,, new attitudes to life

reversed. movement that appears to block. be certain that what you were doing, or not doing, is timely. The aware that not all opportunities are forecasts.

Mannaz, M
Mannaz stands for mankind, self identity, the strengths and weaknesses of being human

strive to live the ordinary life in an extra ordinary way remember that all things are coming to be in passing away focus on the present the room of the self cut down the middle gives you the room for joy with its mirror image. this means that when we are centred in ourselves we automatically feel joyful

reversed. If you're feeling blocked "being clear with yourself and releasing whatever is holding back. Do not turn to others now at the inside for silence and for the enemy of your progress above all do not be prideful. This is a time for breaking past habits.

Laguz, L
Laguz is the rune associated with water, healing, emotions and feelings.

flow, water, that which conducts. PM and flow of The Times intimations, of careers and relationships. Immerse yourself in the experience of living without having to evaluate all understand. A need for comfort and dissatisfaction of emotional needs. nurturing, intuition

reversed. use your instincts and your intuition which are being ignored at the moment. Go within and accept whatever you find there, the positive or negative but remember that if you encounter negativity, then the positive will follow behind.

Ingwaz, NG
Ingwaz is the rune of the god Ing.

new beginnings, fertility, the hero. The completion of the beginnings is required there maybe new life and new beginnings

Movement is required now to help you into a better place

Othila, O
Othila is the rune associated with inheritance, past, heritage

separation. Retreat. Inheritance. desert time of separating parts and retreat. Old skins must be shed outmoded relationships discarded this is a rune of radical severance. It is appropriate to retreat now. Acquisition and benefits also apply here however your inheritance may be derived from something you must give up. The aware that you may have to get up something very near India to you like your cultural heritage or something that you consider your birthright, but whatever it is it is something that you are very attached to in that very attachment is holding back.

Reversed. This is a time to the very aware and to ensure that you're not bound by old conditioning or old authority. Total honesty is required here and so is total clarity. be careful of causing pain to others through negligence or refusal to see clearly and pain to yourself or damage to yourself. Do not be rigid.

Dagaz, D
Dagaz means day, exposure, revelation, light

breakthrough, transformation, the day. The last of the cycle of South transformation. Both of a major shift or breakthrough in the process of self change the timing is right and the outcome is assured although not predictable. A major transformation in attitude