The Hermetic Traveller

For: Explorers, Adventurers, Navigators

1: Ace - A new beginning, new feelings, relationship

Reversed: Unstable feelings

2: Two - Love, attraction

Reversed: Disputes

3: Three - Celebration

Reversed: Small celebration

4: Four - Dissatisfaction

Reversed: Novelty

5: Five - Loss

Reversed: Hope, wellbeing

6: Six - Reminiscing, Memories, sharing

Reversed: Holding on to past memories

7: Seven - Dreams, illusions, hopes, wishes

Reversed: Realizing you dreams - often with effort

8: Eight - Endings, Leave-taking, Searching for something else

Reversed: Happiness, embracing the return of old emotions/friends

9: Nine - Satisfaction

Reversed: Overindulgence

10: Ten - Emotional success, Family

Reversed: Family disruption, disunity, betrayal

9: Page - An image arises in your mind, A message, A good feeling

Reversed: Deception

6: Knight - A feeling, or vision, Action, A Proposal

Reversed: A "conman", Fraud, Deviousness

3: Queen - A state of mind, Love, Dreams

Reversed: Self-deception, dishonesty, laziness

2: King - A state of being, Imaginative, Kind, Generous, Caring

Reversed: Deception, Alcoholism