The Hermetic Traveller

For: Explorers, Adventurers, Navigators

0: The Fool - A courageous, bold beginning, a leap into the great void of possibilities (When the future is uncertain, everything is possible). An innocent, a beginners mind (a new adventure every day), letting the future unfold day by day. Choose in favour of freedom.

Detachment, called Advaita in the Veda's, This is an entirely and qualitatively different stage in the final part of the journey of evolution, and it has been taught by the saying "Take one more step at the top of hundred foot pole!”

This wonderful Zen koan applies:

To tread the sharp edge of a sword,
To run on smooth-frozen ice,
One needs no footsteps to follow.
Walk over the cliffs with hands free

Self realization of Reality can not be directly transmitted from person to person. At some point you must let go of all advice, signs, and hand-holds, and step out into life on your own terms.

Reversed: A faulty choice, thoughtless action, inadequate consideration. Choosing against freedom.

1: The Magician - This is the card of the will. A symbol of creative talent, the ability to harness the available energy and channel it into a final product. Success in effort. Transcend from the earthly to the Divine by means of the earthly will. Being a clear channel for the will to operate throughout the universe.

Reversed: The wrong use of power, the inability to organize or harmonize the forces around one, lack of skill.

2: The High Priestess - Hidden influences, great intuitive power; a future unrevealed but held in a universal harmony. Union with the Divine. Keep your insights and thoughts to yourself. A "perfect" woman of virtue. Work to remove the veil of ignorance and turning your attention towards the deeper faculties within us.

Touching the transcendental Non-self at a transcendentally deep level.

Reversed: Surface knowledge, sensual enjoyment at the expense of deeper understanding. This is not a time to trust your feelings. A person of weak character or weak will.

3: The Empress - Nourishment, Fertility, prosperity in whatever matter the reading concerns, impending marriage. Imagine if you will, a vast, infinitely deep, emptiness. Now see things manifesting out of that emptiness as if out of a cornucopia. That's The Empress at work. She is the will/consciousness that directs that manifestation.

Reversed: Infertility, loss of wealth and possessions, waste of resources, unrewarded effort.

4: The Emperor - Any Authority, paternity, domination, law. Logic and action.

Reversed: Loss of control, lost battles, Being dominated, Emotional immaturity, Bondage to parents. Abuse.

5: The Hierophant (High Priest or Master) - This card represents the force of spiritual authority as it manifests itself in our world through institutions: the church, the priest, maintaining tradition or the literal letter of the law a preference for tradition, for form over substance, a need for social approval a need to belong. Sometimes this card predicts an upcoming ritual (wedding, graduation, award).

Reversed: an openness to new and unconventional ideas.

6: The Lovers - The need to choose between your earthly or your spiritual inclinations, temptation, the struggle between sacred and profane love, between wisdom and temptation.

Reversed: disharmony, quarrels, danger of a broken union (a marriage, a business relationship, a friendship). A wrong choice

7: The Chariot - Success, triumph, self-control, success through preparation. Inner Balance. Integrity (fusion), and Ethics.

Reversed: Con-fusion, un-channeled effort, lack of self-control, an unethical or temporary victory, desire for major change.

8: Strength - Spiritual and emotional courage, the courage to be yourself, taming hate, anger fear, and desire. Pride, and Dignity.

Mastery of instincts brings mastery of senses, and the ability to reside within yourself without responding to external pressures. This is the true meaning of strength. It also refers to Pratyahara - Withdrawing from the senses to attain Dharana - Concentration.

Reversed: Fear, weakness, cowardice, aggression. There will be no progress until you face reality.

9: The Hermit - A bringer of Wisdom, prudence, discretion, expert advice, good counsel, but will not come unless he is sought. He represents wisdom, a meeting with someone who will guide you on your journey. At this time, you need more understanding. The Hermit undertakes his journey, and shines his light for the sake of all seekers, and all sentient beings. If he were Buddhist, he would be a Mahayana Bodhisattva. He does not seek to scatter Truth amongst the masses, but seeks to maintain the fruit and its seed deep within his person and transmit the Un-extinguished Light of Truth from his own heart. His existence itself is a shining Lamp in a world of Darkness.

Reversed: immaturity, refusal to heed wise counsel, foolish vices, running

away from reality.

10: The Wheel of Fortune - A new cycle starts. The continual cycle of change in which good and evil, luck and ruin, harmony and discord perpetually wax and wane, a new turn of luck. The Eternal Cycle.

Reversed: You are currently part-way through a cycle. A setback, be prepared for a downturn or a run of bad luck.

11: Justice - A balanced truth, useless trivia and outdated attachments will be eliminated. Elimination of outworn habits or emotional patterns. This is no time to be taken in by persuasion. Discrimination/Discernment

Reversed: Injustice, senseless entanglements, confusion of the truth. be gentle in the judgment of others – it could be you next time.

12: The Hanged Man - Acceptance, A surrender of the self, to the calling of the "soul" leading to gentle transformation, a turning from material temptations, a suspension of earthly concerns, Sacrifice.

Reversed: a preoccupation with the ego, a clinging to the merely physical and a willful ignorance of the spirit.

13: Death - A change, a major transformation, a "dying to the old" so that you may be "born again" to the new. There will be many changes; Let the past go. A fated change that has been moving deeply in your life, has now surfaced.

Reversed: Stagnation or a senseless upheaval without cleansing benefits. You may have just missed a transformative opportunity.

14: Temperance - Good management, successful combinations, good communication, creating harmony. Balancing "Head" and "Heart". The cycle of yin and yang. Opening the Passes through balanced mixing of vitality and essence, on a basis of calm stability. The energy returns to the original ocean of energy.

Reversed: competing interests, inharmonious combinations, quarrels, corruption, separation, loss of moderation.

15: The Devil - Being Serious, belief only in science. bondage to the material and the flesh, "black magic", the use of a little knowledge, thus doing things without understanding. Sexuality and hormonal compulsion.

Reversed: Laughter and playfulness, no longer Serious, a renunciation of the physical, overcoming pride and self-interest,

16: The Tower - Sudden change or insights to outdated ideas or circumstances, a time of change, conflict, upset, disruption, The tower of ego-self. The Self must rest on a strong and stable foundation if it is to withstand the flash of Spirit and use it to light THE WAY.

Reversed: oppressed by false ideas, false goals, false accusations, wrong job or lifestyle. This is a time to work toward gaining freedom even though it may be at great cost. Do what you intuit is right before it is too late.

17: The Star - Inspiration and energy, the light of Hope, undying unselfish love and, a gift of unmerited grace, good luck and health!

Reversed: Tired, hopeless, dwelling on pessimism, blindness to the gifts of the spirit.

18: The Moon - The moon lights one's dreams, and it also lights the way of one who journeys courageously day and night. Dreams are important when The Moon turns up in one's reading. It signifies the unfolding of intuition, psychic powers, and freedom from normal limits, but it may also signify trouble for your loved ones ... especially if you see your journey as being very important (as this card may indicate). This is a time to trust your feelings, to build your own security and self-reliance and not to lean on others. You may have fears, even a crisis of faith, but have courage especially when you feel fear; do not cease in your journey!

Reversed: Deception, illusions, practical concerns may supersede imagination and daring at this time, your undertaking, may be too perilous at this time.

19: The Sun - Great joy, freedom, individuality, material happiness, success, mastery, a happy family, achievement in every realm. Here, the Sun shines on the seeker who has transcended the ego, and gives back in abundance the things that were found on the journey to spiritual maturity

Reversed: the loss of material success, family trouble, loneliness, spiritual darkness and other problems. This is not a time to begin new projects. Projects you are considering now should be looked into very

carefully, even suspiciously!

20: - An awakening, Seeing that something was keeping your life dead. Reborn in Spirit. Rise now from difficulties and answer the call to life.

Reversed: separation, rejection and loneliness, fear of death. Incarnating separated you from the Spirit causing existential pain felt as fear and loneliness, and something has happened that reminds you of that pain, and may well add to it, unless cleared.

21: The World - final completion, fullest development, ultimate understanding, triumph in undertakings, completed mastery and liberation. There will be reward, peace, joy, completion. There is a mature freedom to move, to change, to live.

Reversed: Success that has not yet been won, a journey not yet completed, too much attachment to the past or to the earthly.