The Hermetic Traveller

For: Explorers, Adventurers, Navigators

and the Pentacle process of Evolution

1: Ace - A new beginning in wealth creation

Reversed: A false start. Costs

2: Two - Balance over time. No matter what changes or challenges life brings, you are always (materially) secure.

Reversed: Unbalanced, inability to keep up with everything that's going on right now.

3: Three - Mastery in your skill.

Reversed: Mediocre ideals, and ability

4: Four - Storing, Saving, Holding firm. Affirming a path of Work or Service

Reversed: Releasing, giving, sharing

5: Five - Poverty of spirit. After dispensing your wealth, you feel empty and life seems to have little meaning. Feeling left out

Reversed: Being accepted, knowing how to connect socially

6: Six - Harvest, Generosity, Charity

Reversed: Avarice, greed

7: Seven - Patience, Growth, Time

Reversed: Impatience

8: Eight - Learning, apprenticeship, work

Reversed: Obsessing with detail

9: Nine - Self sufficiency

Reversed: Weakness, dissipation

10: Ten - Established Family, Tradition, Ancestors

Reversed: Lack or Loss of Roots

9: Page - A message, learning, letters, serious application, reflection

Reversed: Bad news, Inability to concentrate

6: Knight - A methodical action, process, or person

Reversed: Procrastination, Stagnation

3: Queen - A state of mind, Duty, Good finances

Reversed: Fear and avoidance cause you to ignore your duties, and make you dependent on others.

2: King - A state of being, The ability to create wealth, Wealthy

Reversed: A Gambler or Speculator, Tight fisted, mean, Wealthy but selfish. Uses wealth as a lure.