The Hermetic Traveller

For: Explorers, Adventurers, Navigators

1: Ace - A new beginning in Thought and Spirit. New ideas

Reversed: Anger

2: Two - Blinded, Indecision

Reversed: Seeing again after a period of blindness. Decision made

3: Three - Sadness, Disillusionment. Reality impacts on your beliefs

Reversed: Lesser sadness, old sadness

4: Four - Rest. A retreat

Reversed: Socially active

5: Five - Defeating

Reversed: Defeated

6: Six - Change of position in mind or in body, Travel, Endings

Reversed: No Change, Choosing the old way, not the new

7: Seven - Theft, Partial success, Imitation, Arguments

Reversed: Something of yours has been taken. Weakness

8: Eight - Confusion, Too much thinking traps you

Reversed: Freedom

9: Nine - Despair, grief, sometimes over death

Reversed: Shame, Doubt, Lesser grief

10: Ten - Death, generally death of a belief

Reversed: Temporary success or advantage

9: Page - A thought, message, awareness, alertness

Reversed: Unawareness, Foggy mind

6: Knight - Rushing in, wanting to change everything now. Action

Reversed: Bragging, inability

3: Queen - A state of mind, Decisiveness, Separation

Reversed: Narrow minded, bigoted

2: King - A state of being, Authoritative, Major Decisions

Reversed: Anger, Cruelty, Injustice