The Hermetic Traveller

For: Explorers, Adventurers, Navigators

Note: My interpretation is less poetic than some others, and so loses some of the original power, however, my concern is primarily to reveal the Truth in everyday language. These are the words of an ancient prophet, to whom all secrets were revealed, and he was known by the Greek name "Hermes".

It is particularly interesting to note the way in which the vision is retold. Hermes assumes his listeners know what all the names he uses mean, and that tells us that there must already have been a well established "Hermetic" teaching by the time he had his vision.

The Corpus Hermeticum

While in deep meditation inquiring into the nature of things, my senses fell asleep, as if from overwork or overeating and my Understanding suddenly expanded.

A vast Presence called me by my name and said: 'What would you Hear and See?, What would you Understand, to Learn, and Know?'

'Who are you?' I asked.

'I am the Guide, the Way-Shower, the Mind of The Divine. I know what you want, and I am always present with you.

'I want to understand the nature of Reality, and of The Divine/God', I replied.

'How?' said he.

I answered, 'I would gladly hear that.'

Then said he, 'Hold me again in your mind, and whatever you would learn, I will teach'

As I did so, he transformed, and all things were opened to me. I saw an infinite vision of reality. Everything was a sweet joyous light. I felt delight and bliss.

But after a little while, a part became dark, and, angling downwards, and seemed to be somehow moist as well. This moist nature was in chaos, and gave off smoke which in it's turn gave off a very mournful sound, so indecipherable that it seemed as if it came from the light.

Then the light extended its Will (power), which joined with the moist nature, and up and out flew the pure essence of Fire. Then the essence of Air issued and rose up to Fire so that it seemed to hang off it. Water and Earth essences issued and mingled together, so that the Earth could not be seen for the Water, but they moved because of the Life (Spirit) that was carried with them.

My Guide asked: 'Do you understand this vision, and what it means?. I am that Light, the One Mind or, God, which comes before the chaotic moist nature. My Will is Logos, the "Son" of God.

The Divine Light and your perceiving consciousness are not truly separate, and the union of the two creates Life (Spirit). Now, contemplate the Light in your own mind, and know it'.

Then, we looked deeply into each other until I began to tremble. Then he nodded to me, and I saw in my mind the infinite world of Light and the true illusion of our World; and I saw great Power that held the Fire in place.

Then he said, 'Do you see that Primal Power whose being has no beginning and no end?. That is me in you'.

Where and how are the Elements of Nature made?', I asked.

'By it's Will, the Divine Light recreates the beauty and harmony of its primal principles in everything it makes. The Divine Light Willed a mind of Fire into existence and this was Spirit. The Spirit, formed seven other minds (Governors,) which together contained the Material World. The ways in which these Governors acted were called the Natural Laws of the Material World. (Gravity, Magnetism, Light, Time, etc). The Divine Will was immediately reflected out of these newly birthed elements of the Divine, back to the Spirit leaving the elements of Nature without Reason, so they would be only matter. The earth and water were separated, and gave birth to plants and animals.

It might have looked like Fig 1, but after a lot of work, Fig 2 evolved as the model in use today throughout the Western Mystery Tradition. It is called the "Tree of Life". It shows how we and the universe are interlinked.

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